Celtic Coins

Iron Age / Celtic / Ancient British Coins for sale

The largest selection of British Iron Age coins available to purchase in the world. An extensive range of Iron Age/Celtic coins to buy from the UK.

Silbury Coins specialise in Iron Age/Celtic coins and artefacts. Our one-off collection spans all British regions and tribes, these include Atrebates, Cantii, Catuvellauni, Corieltauvi, Dobunni, Durotriges, Gallo Belgic, Iceni and Trinovantes. All of the antique coins are available to purchase online. Please take a moment to browse our Iron Age/Celtic coin collection using the options to the right of the screen.

With any questions or to discuss starting a collection of Iron Age coins please contact our specialist, John Philpotts at info@silburycoins.com If you have any Iron Age coins for sale then we are very interested to hear from you, whether it be a single coin, large collection or hoard we have the experience & ability to handle whatever comes our way & ensure that you get the best prices.