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Roman & Byzantine coins for sale

Throughout the centuries, the Roman coinage has been subject to many changes, driven by the economic climate of the times, and giving rise to a range of denominations predominantly in gold, silver and bronze, together with alloys of these metals, typically as a result of debasement. In addition, it has consistently provided a medium for rulers to distribute propaganda, providing the numismatist with a broad spectrum of material and a direct link to historical events.

Beginning with the Republican period we see denominations like the Denarius, Quinarius and some cast bronze coinage which was unsuccessful and quickly phased out. Imperatorial & Imperial coinage is a mix of the gold aureus, silver denarius and bronze Sestertius, As and Dupondius. In the 2nd Century AD the silver Antoninianus was introduced, a double denarius. The late 3rd Century sees the appearance of the silver argenteus, quickly followed by silver siliqua and miliarense, circulated alongside the gold solidus until the Roman’s left Britain in AD 410.


A large & comprehensive selection of Roman & Byzantine coins available to buy. We try to keep in stock all of the major names, especially the British related coins of Carausius & Allectus, also anything of the London mint. Our one-off range of Roman coins span all areas and eras of Roman rule from 290 BC through to AD 518, these include Republican, Imperatorial and Imperial. All of these genuine antique coins are available to purchase online. If there is something specific your are looking for then please contact us as we can usually source most things. Please take a moment to browse our Roman coin collection using the sub categories below.