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Norman Kings, AD 1066-1154

Norman Kings, AD 1066-1154. A good selection of Norman coins to buy online. Starting with William the Conqueror (AD 1066-1087) who was the first Norman king of England, prior to his accession he was Duke of Normandy and cousin to Edward the Confessor who’s death sparked a battle for the throne which saw Harold II seize power for a short time before being dispatched by William at the Battle of Hastings (AD 1066). His son, William Rufus (AD 1087-1100) followed but his reign was short lived as he died in a hunting accident in the New Forest. William’s third son, Henry I (AD 1100-1135) then ruled, he actioned much administrative reform and military advancement, in a attempt to secure the kingdom for his daughter, Matilda. This was unsuccessful and Stephen (AD 1135-1154) seized the English throne following the death of his uncle, Henry in AD 1135. Civil War followed and the country was torn apart as Matilda had much support from England’s people. Here at Silbury Coins we particularly like Norman coins and artefacts and while hard to come across, certainly in good grade we do our best to maintain a reasonable stock for the discerning collector/investor to choose from. This is a collection unique to this website and all of the genuine, antique coins are available to purchase online now. Contact us if you are looking for something specific for your Norman coin collection.

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