Coin Hoards

Coin Hoards are often found in Britain and are a great source of numismatic knowledge. When found they can be studied and often reveal fascinating facts about our past coinage. Most often seen are Roman Coin hoards (especially dating to the 4th century A.D.) but others from the Iron Age/Celtic period, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman & Medieval times are sometimes discovered. Many are acquired by museums through The Treasure Act but sometimes they are returned to the discoverers and that is where we come in. We can conserve, research and publish a hoard in such a way that the coins and information surrounding it will be available for future generations to enjoy and further study. We are happy to offer free advice and would love to hear from anyone who has been lucky enough to find/own a hoard today.

Below you will see examples of our work and previous finds we have dealt with. We have more experience in this field than any other dealer/auction house so are well placed to help you, our Director has even found a few hoards himself!