Atrebates & Regini

The Atrebates were perhaps one of the most successful tribes in Britian during the Iron Age, their territories appear to have been a peaceful place until the departure of Verica in AD 42 prompting the Claudian invasion the following year.
From the natural border that is the river Thames in the North all the way down to the south coast including the Isle of Wight which would have been connected to the mainland in those days the people of the Atrebates tribe lived in and farmed a fertile, peaceful land with great success shown by the diversity of coinage. Silchester (Calleva) is thought to have been the capital of the Atrebates, a good contender as it is mentioned on both gold and silver coins of Eppillus.
The Regini were a sub tribe occupying land close to the south coast, possibly centered around Chichester and must have had a good relationship with their much larger neighbour as they lived side by side for many years.

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