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At Silbury Coins we are always keen to buy new stock, be it individual coins or entire collections/hoards. We really do know our stuff & even if it’s not within our area of knowledge then we have many contacts in associated business worlds. We are happy to offer advice & valuations.

We are travelling around the country and abroad on a regular basis so if you have a collection or significant find that you’d like to sell then we’ll come to you. Our director John Philpotts has nearly 30 years’ experience handling coins so you know you are in safe hands.

Dealers come to us to sell on a regular basis as we know the retail clients thus can achieve the highest prices for coins & good artefacts, why sell to a middle man when you can sell to us directly.

A note on Auctions, wrongly people often think this is where you get the best price and you’re partly right, at an auction a good price is often achieved but by the time the auctioneer has taken their cut from the buyer (20-30%) and seller (15%) then you are left with far from a good price. We know most of the big collectors in this country and certainly aren’t looking for a margin of 45% so by selling to Silbury you are getting a better deal, we pay quickly, our prices are actual offers, not just estimates & most importantly of all we are strictly confidential.

If you’d like to discuss selling to us then call 01242 898107 or email today.

Silbury Coins,

Gloucestershire, England


We can offer lower rates of commission than any auction house with access to the same customers. All auctions charge a minimum of 25% commission (often described as a ‘buyers premium’ and charged to the buyer of an item but still a percentage difference between what a buyer is willing to pay and what the seller receives). Paired with our expert knowledge, often lacking with auction companies we can help you to achieve the best prices for your coins. We offer immediate settlement when an item sells, at auction you will have to wait 6-12 weeks.

At Silbury Coins we have a combined knowledge of over 113 years working with coins & antiquities. If we don’t have expert knowledge in a field in house then we have a vast network of consultants who cover all areas of numismatics. Please browse the sold section above for an idea of what we deal with, this shows a good representation of coins we have sold in recent years. We sell many things by private treaty, a good option for those who value discretion highly.

If you are interested in consigning a collection or individual high value item then contact us today. We can sell your coins for you in a number of ways and will keep you informed at every step, offering expert advice with current market knowledge at the forefront, something which is invaluable and only available from specialist dealers like us. We are very active in many areas of numismatics and this gives us an unrivalled oversight of the subject, invaluable when choosing where and when to offer items for sale.

We are happy to meet customers in London or locally so that items can be viewed in hand & questions can be answered in person. We often travel around the country so if you’d prefer a meeting somewhere else then this is usually possible – contact us to discuss further –

If you’d rather sell a collection or items to us then we are happy to buy, please contact us for further details.

Silbury Coins Ltd
Gloucestershire, England.

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