Late Saxon Period AD 973-1066

Late Saxon Period coins for sale. In AD 973 Eadgar introduced a new coinage. A ‘royal portrait’ now became a regular feature and various reverse designs all incorporate a legend identifying mint and moneyer. The silver used was of much higher quality than previously and closely regulated, with the moneyers names recorded on every coin debasement would be easily and quickly spotted, the offending moneyer located and lucky if he only lost a hand or other body part!

With the diversity of mints now striking various coin types this is an interesting and wide area to collect, some focus on coins minted in their locality or perhaps go for a coin of each modern county, or mint. Some mints had a very high output, coins from the likes of London, Canterbury, Winchester and York etc are often seen where as coins from mints such as Cadbury, Winchcombe, Malmesbury & Newport to name but a few are rarely seen available to commerce. The period ends in 1066 A.D with king Harold II and the Battle of Hastings. For more information on this period click here.

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