The Ropsley Hoard Trajan 98-117AD Silver Denarius, Rome mint


Code: RH67

The Ropsley Hoard Trajan 98-117AD Silver Denarius, Rome mint, Aequitas holding scales

16x18mm, 3.10g

This coin is a part of The Ropsley Hoard. Some 522 silver denari found in Lincolnshire just off Ermine Street, a main Roman road connecting London in the south to Lincoln and York in the north. After recording with the British Museum the coins were disclaimed and returned to the finder & landowner who decided to make them available to the private collector. This is a rare opportunity to own a coin from a real life Roman treasure find as most hoards found in Britain are retained for museum collections.

Each coin will come with a detailed informative booklet about this exciting treasure find and its background, information about this can also be viewed online. Visit our โ€˜News & Articlesโ€™ tab above, then click โ€˜The Ropsley Hoard’ or click here.


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