Scotland Robert Bruce AD 1306-1329 Silver Penny


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Scotland Robert Bruce AD 1306-1329 Silver Penny

Crowned bust left holding sceptre/Four mullets each of 5 points

Edinburgh mint.

S5076, 18mm, 1.31g

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ROBERT BRUCE (AD 1306-1329)

After 10 turbulent years with no Scottish monarch Robert Bruce was crowned at Scone in AD 1306. Edinburgh was recaptured from the English in AD 1313 followed by victory over Edward I of England at Bannockburn the following year. It was probably not until the recapture of Berwick in AD 1318 that Robert had small numbers of coins struck in his own name. All his coins and in particular his halfpennies and farthings are rare.

The reign of Robert Bruce saw a gradual repossession of the Scottish kingdom partly from the English but also from Scottish rivals. The basic Long Cross coinage introduced by Alexander III was continued during his reign with the issue of pennies, half pennies and farthings. Upon his death in AD 1329 Robert was succeeded by his son who latter reigned as David II. For more information on Early Scottish coinage view our article here.

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