Imperial AD 193-284

Roman Imperial AD 193-284 coins for sale.

By the time of Septimius Severus the coinage had been significantly debased. Notably, during this period, Caracalla introduced the double denarius at the weight of only one and a half denarii, referred to as the antoninianus, which gradually took over from the denarius during the reign of Gordian III.
The antoninianus itself was subsequently debased to bronze with a minimum silver content (billon) during the second half of the third century. Locally produced contemporary copies of this period are often referred to as ‘radiates’. The third century was a time of political crisis, caused by threat of invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression and this reflects in the coinage which, by the time of Gallienus, had undergone a dramatic reduction in quality.
Of particular note is the period between AD 286-296 when the usurpers Carausius and Allectus struck coins in Britain, the London mint then continuing in use until AD 326 under Constantine I. The quinarius, though struck in bronze, was again significant under Allectus.
The wide variety of pagan gods, apart from Jupiter, almost disappeared in the later third century, although Sol was used, from Aurelian onwards, and especially later on by Constantine I (the Great).

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