The West Norfolk Hoard

We are pleased to be able to offer a small group of silver Silique from this exciting find.

The West Norfolk Hoard originally consisted of 15 gold solidi and 228 silver siliquae found scattered over an area of approximately 15 square metres. Most of the coins were struck during the reign of Constantius II and Julian Caesar from c.AD 355 until the death of Julian in 363. They have little wear.
The hoard, given its composition and the crisp example of the latest solidi, is unlikely to be later than the mid-360s. It is possible to connect its deposition with the so-called Barbarian Conspiracy of 367.

The coins were recorded in several parcels via the Portable Antiquities Scheme (Ref NMS-1A6962) and disclaimed under the Treasure Act (ref 2017-T442). After being returned to the finder they were subsequently made available to private collectors.

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