The Colkirk Hoard of Late Roman Silver Coins

The Colkirk Hoard was found near Colkirk in Norfolk by an anonymous detectorist between 2020 and 2022. It comprised 432 Roman silver coins, mostly siliquae from Constantius II (323-361) to Honorius (393-423). It was recorded at the PAS as NMS-AC7F17

The detectorist’s story of the find “Following several hours of searching which produced little more than a medieval cut halfpenny and a few buttons, I decided to call it a day. Starting back to my car I found, by chance, a single silver Siliqua. Spurred on by this success, I concentrated my searching to the immediate vicinity of the initial find; almost at once more coins started coming up.

By the end of that day some 40 siliquae had been recovered, all single finds distributed over an area of some twenty square metres. The next day a similar number was found. Over the next two years, I returned time and time again, working around pandemic ‘lockdowns’, to increase the total number of finds to nearly 300 coins“

In late 2021 an excavation of the find site produced a further 132 coins.

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