Valens Silver Miliarense 364-378AD Trier


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Valens Silver Miliarense 364-378AD Trier
23x24mm, 4.23g

Valens was Eastern Roman Emperor from 364 to 378AD. He was presented with the eastern half of the empire by his brother Valentinian I after the latter’s accession to the throne. Valens was defeated and killed at the Battle of Adrianople, against Gothic forces and located in the Roman province of Thracia. This event marked the beginning of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

The miliarense (referring to a thousand) is a comparatively large silver coin which was introduced into the late Roman monetary system during the early 4th century AD. It was struck with variable fineness, though generally with a weight between 3.8 and 6.0 grams, the range covering types referred to as light, regular (this example) or heavy, and typically has a diameter of c. 23–24 mm.

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