The South Norfolk Hoard Tiberius Silver Denarius 14-37AD Tribute Penny


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The South Norfolk Hoard Tiberius Silver Denarius 14-37AD Tribute Penny, Livia seated

S1763, 17x18mm, 3.60g


Approximately 190 roman silver denarii dating to the 1st century AD found scattered in plough soil over several years.

This exciting find dates from circa 61AD, a time when East Anglia was in turmoil, with figures like Boudicca and the mighty Roman army battling for control it is hardly any wonder that the owner of these coins decided to bury them for safe keeping. The lack of contemporary Iron Age coins, often buried alongside Roman issues, implies that this hoard was deposited or lost by a Roman.

The fact that they weren’t retrieved by their unlucky owner means that they are here for us to enjoy today, that and the hard work of the finder and his metal detector!

The coins range from early Republican issues to that of Tiberius (14-37AD). The latter show some sign of wear suggesting that they were in circulation for a number of years before being buried giving the date of deposition in accordance with the Boudiccan revolt of 60/61AD. For a more detailed report please see here. Below you will find a skilful illustration of what this may have looked like, painted by the late Victor Ambrus.

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