Clodius Albinus Bronze Sestertius 195-196AD


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Clodius Albinus Bronze Sestertius 195-196AD

Clodius Albinus, of Tunisian origin, was a usurper who was proclaimed emperor by the legions in Britain and Hispania after the murder of Pertinax in 193AD. Septimius Severus subsequently awarded him the title of Caesar to keep relations neutral. However, Albinus crossed into Gaul from Britain and proclaimed himself emperor again in 196AD when Severus was in Rome, before his final defeat the following year when his forces confronted those of Severus near Lyon, where it is speculated he was captured and executed or committed suicide.

Bare head of Clodius Albinus right/ Fortuna, the goddess of fortune, seated left.

RCV 6150.   28mm, 22.88g.

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