Carleton St Peter Hoard House of Constantine Constantinopolis AD 330 Bronze Follis Trier mint


Code: CSP53

Carleton St Peter Hoard

House of Constantine AD 330 Bronze Follis

Victory on prow

Trier mint

16mm, 2.34g

This coin is a part of the Carleton St Peter Hoard, discovered in Norfolk during February 2000 by a metal detectorist, this hoard consists of 127 Constantine period bronze coins minted around the Roman empire. The hoard was scatted by ploughing but the remains of a pottery vessel was recovered with the nucleus of coins. The coins were declared Treasure, studied by experts at the British museum then disclaimed and returned to the finder. To see the other coins from this find for sale please view the ‘Coin Hoards category on our website, for more information on this find click here.

A rare & exciting opportunity to own a coin from a fully provenanced and researched treasure find.

Each coin will be accompanied by an information booklet giving the full story of the hoard and further detail of the coins.

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