It is generally accepted that the Roman period in Britain starts in AD 43 and ends in AD 410. The Roman Empire has produced a vast range of artefacts, many of which have survived to the present day. The majority of Roman artefacts found in Britain (Romano-British) are manufactured from copper alloy, it is less common to find Roman silver and gold artefacts. Amongst the more prolific metal artefacts are personal objects, in particular brooches, finger rings, dress pins; together with domestic items such as keys, knives and religious objects such as votive offerings.
In the case of brooches, many types existed across the Empire and styles changed with fashion, particularly notable are the animal series which are well suited to a themed collection. Many of these artefacts were decorated with coloured enamels, a technique perfected by Celtic craftsmen prior to the Roman invasion, hence combinations of native and classical Roman art are often seen in local products. Not surprisingly, condition is very important and good metal with an attractive patina together with appealing decoration is most desirable. We offer a range of affordable examples portraying Roman daily life. All are unconditionally guaranteed as genuine.

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