Neolithic & Bronze Age

Here you will find a selection of Neolithic & Bronze Age items.
Items from the Neolithic period will be made of stone, usually Flint or Chert and generally taking the form of Axe heads, Spears, Arrowheads and Scrapers. It is quite remarkable that these items were made by hand (a method known as knapping) over 2500 years ago. Occasionally you may see a polished flint axe head, even more remarkable as this was achieved by rubbing the stone in sand to smooth the surfaces, this must have taken days for each item!
Beware of forgeries in this area, many that we see on online auction sites are modern copies. Every item we sell comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and most items are bought direct from the finders!

The Bronze age is an exciting era, you still see some flint items (mainly arrowheads) but Axes, Spears, Chisels, Daggers, Razors, Knifes and Swords are cast in bronze. Occasionally items are found in pristine condition and are highly desirable, I remember once handling a spear head which was so sharp that I cut my finger on the blade! You do see some gold items from this period but these are extremely rare and generally bought by museums.

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