The medieval period (the Middle Ages) in Europe is generally regarded as lasting from the 5th to the 15th century AD. Craftsmen of this period were highly skilled in working with silver and gold, and used coloured enamels and gilding to enhance these and base metals such as copper alloy. Generally most of the portable items for daily use were manufactured in base metals, usually copper alloy, lead, and their derivatives. Typical items include fasteners & buckles, brooches, seals, harness pendants, domestic items such as knives & keys, and religious items such as pilgrim badges and ampullas, in which holy water was collected from a shrine.

Notably, seals, harness pendants and pilgrim badges allow the collector a theme on which to base an informative collection. Importantly, these artefacts are unique and personal, sometimes reflecting the personality of their original owner, thus adding to their appeal.
Seals are often engraved with a device and legend relating to their owner, in many cases providing an insight into medieval life. Harness pendants are typically decorated with coats of arms using enamel and gilt, and give the opportunity to study medieval heraldry at first hand. Pilgrim badges and souvenirs were offered at shrines across Europe and often relate to a particular saint associated with the place of pilgrimage, allowing an insight into medieval customs and beliefs.

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