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We hope this newsletter finds you well and looking forward to the upcoming Christmas period. Silbury Coins has been very busy these last few months, producing two articles, inspired by the Fort Collection, focusing on Scottish Coinage and today brings the exciting launch of the Clark Collection. Further details of both can be found in this newsletter.

If you are planning on making pre-Christmas purchases please do check our Christmas Postage Information for key dates. But for now we would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes, The Team at Silbury

The Clark Collection

The Clark collection was formed during the 1980’s & 1990’s and consists of coins from Ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. Coins were sourced from reputable dealers and careful attention paid to selecting quality coins. Greek, Roman Republican and Imperial periods are particularly well represented in silver.

These coins clearly gave the collector great pleasure and we are pleased to now be able to pass this on to the next generation. The Clark collection is available on our website exclusively today…

View the Clark Collection here

Macedon Philip III Arrhidaios 322-319 BC Gold Stater


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Catuvellauni & Trinovantes Cunobelinus 8-41AD Gold Stater Classic type


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Roman Imperatorial Mark Antony & Octavian 43 BC Silver Denarius


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George III AD 1760-1820 Silver Northumberland Shiling AD 1763


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An Introduction to Early Scottish Coinage

Scotland did not have its own coinage until over a millennium after England. Each time a coinage was established in England, Scotland was excluded. Silbury Coins has been busy researching this interesting topic and you can read more by following the below link.

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The Scottish coinage of James VI and Charles I

When James VI acceded to the Scottish throne upon the abdication of his mother, Mary Queen of Scots, in AD 1567 he was only a year old. A council of regency ruled on his behalf until he was a teenager and took up personal rule in the early 1580’s…

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The Fort Collection

Containing no less than 439 coins spanning from Roman to English Anglo Saxon and Medieval, including an extensive selection of Early & Late Scottish coinage this is one of the largest specialist collections we have handled. The overall grade and presentation of each coin has made it a joy to work with. We helped the collector assemble his collection over many years and were saddened to hear of his passing in 2021, then, honoured to be asked to help with the dispersal of his collection. The Early & Late Scottish articles are both illustrated with coins from this collection.

All coins come with the collectors own well-presented label and can be located on our website by searching:

FortA (English Anglo Saxon)
FortB (English Medieval)
FortC (Early Scottish Medieval)
FortD (Late Scottish Medieval)
FortE (Roman Republican and Imperatorial) 

Hoards and Treasure

A recap of exciting local discoveries

Gold chain associated with Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragon revealed to public

Discovered in 2019 by a detectorist who had only been engaging in the hobby for 6 months, this outstanding find of national importance was only revealed to the general public at the 2023 Treasure Annual Report for 2020 (postponed due to the COVID pandemic). Displaying the Old French motto TOVS IOVRS (always) rendered in inlaid enamel alongside Henry and Katharine’s entwined initials, scientific analysis suggests this object, while impressively large and opulent, may have been quickly made as a tournament prize.

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British Archaeology

News from the world of British Archaeology

Gladiators in Colchester

Though Camulodunon’s amphitheatre has never been discovered, an old find dug up in 1853 may provide invaluable evidence that gladiatorial combat was in fact staged both here and more widely in Britain. A vase deposited within a male grave has been re-interpreted following scientific analysis, suggesting it may in fact have been produced as a commemorative ornament or souvenir piece depicting two real gladiators who may well have fought in Colchester’s elusive arena.

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More finds at the ‘Rutland’ Roman Villa

Discovered by two farmers in 2020 and only disseminated to the general public in late 2021 due to the sensitive nature of the site, the initial finds relating to the ‘Rutland’ villa are typified by the stupendously ornate mosaic depicting Hector and Achilles. However, this single piece of mosaic flooring is by no means the only significant discovery made at the site. Further discoveries during the 2022 season include the remains of substantial outbuildings and high-status building materials which attest to the social standing of its original occupier. Excavation is expected to continue in 2023.

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