Victoria 1837-1901AD Silver Gothic Crown


Code: RMC68

Victoria 1837-1901AD Silver Gothic Crown

‘Gothic’ type bust left/ Crowned cruciform shields . Emblems in angles. Regnal year on edge. UNDECIMO

S3883, 39mm, 28.32g

A pleasing example of this most attractive and iconic type.

Created by the engraver William Wyon at the very height of his career, the portrait design is a stunning rendition of the young queen, while the reverse is highly intricate. Collected by numismatists from the time of its issue to the modern day, a historical beauty. The Gothic crown is commonly referred to as the most attractive type of the entire crown series, easy to see why. This issue show cases the work of one of the most competent engravers of the era. With a mintage of only 8,000 it’s easy to see why they command their price, and are prized by collectors around the globe.

The Victoria crowns with gothic style design were struck for two years only. 1847 and 1853, the latter issued only as a proof edition. Few circulated and it is likely that the intention was to monitor the public’s reaction to the design for use with the florin.

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