The Roman Republic Silver Quadrigatus 225-214BC


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The Roman Republic Silver Quadrigatus 225-214BC
20mm, 6.01g

The quadrigatus (issued c.225-212 BC), with an obverse showing the laureate head of Janus or the twinned Dioscuri, and obverse depicting Victory driving a quadriga.
with the inscription “ROMA” below.

The coin weighed about 6.8 grams (or 6 scruples), consistent with the weight of a south Italian Greek didrachm, to which it is sometimes referred. It was minted for a number of years until shortly before the introduction of the denarius (211 BC or a little earlier). The choice of Janus for these coins may coincide with the closing of the doors of the Temple of Janus, indicating the absence of warfare. Alternatively, it has been suggested that the janiform head represents the Dioscuri.

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