The Martock Hoard Constantine I 306-337AD Trier


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The Martock Hoard Constantine I 306-337AD Trier

18mm, 2.85g


This coin is a part of the Martock Hoard, consisting of some 425 Roman coins buried in a pottery vessel in Somerset, England around the mid 4th century AD. The hoard was declared Treasure under the Treasure Act and disclaimed. This gives the rare opportunity for private collectors to own a coin from a real buried treasure find. This find is exclusive to Silbury coins and each coin will come with an informative booklet giving detail of the find and wider history of its context.

More information can be viewed here: The Martock Hoard – Silbury Coins : Silbury Coins

The Portable Antiquities Scheme record can be found here: Record ID: SOM-8D3931 – ROMAN coin hoard (

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