The Ewerby Civil War Hoard James 1st Silver Shilling mm. Thistle 1603-1625AD


Code: EH141

The Ewerby Civil War Hoard James 1st Silver Shilling. 1603-1625AD

Third coinage. 6th bust. Mintmark Thistle 1621-23AD

29x30mm, 6.04g


This coin is a part of the Ewerby Civil War Hoard, for more information on this please view the ‘Coin Hoards’ category on our website or click here. The hoard was considered under the Treasure Act (Ref 2016 T820) before being disclaimed and is recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (click here to view).

A rare & exciting opportunity to own a coin from a fully provenance and researched treasure find.

Each coin will be accompanied by an information booklet giving the full story of the hoard.

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