Stephen Silver Penny Voided Cross & Stars 1135-1154AD Hastings


Code: BN260

Stephen Silver Penny Voided Cross & Stars 1135-1154AD Hastings
18mm, 1.31g

Stephen’s uncle, Henry I, had intended the throne of England to go to his daughter Matilda, but upon his death, Stephen had against oath, seized the throne of England. In 1139, Matilda, an Angevin by second marriage, established a base at Bristol, to contest her rights, supported by her half-brother, Robert, Earl of Gloucester and other influential noblemen. The result was a turbulent period of civil war, often referred to as The Anarchy, with no final settlement until 1353.

Its impact on the coinage is profound, with mints striking regular issues and/or irregular issues, and some mints striking irregular coins including Angevin issues. In addition, some barons were given, or assumed rights, to strike their own coinage. Coins of this period are often poorly struck and of low weight, therefore well struck examples are much sought after.

An example of the voided cross and stars type penny.

This coin comes with an old collectors ticket.

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