Scotland James VI AD 1567-1625 Billon Twopence (Turner)


Code: CM539C

Scotland James VI AD 1567-1625 Billon Twopence (Turner). After accession to English throne, AD 1623 issue.

Triple thistle / lion rampant

S5524, 19mm; 1.79g

This coin comes from part four of the Fort collection, Late Scottish hammered coins. A carefully assembled comprehensive collection of the coins representing the final years of hammered coinage for Scotland, spanning a turbulent time where debasement was rife and the English Civil War was looming. Of note are the Briot & Falconer issues with their great artistic merit, unparalleled in the British hammered series. Coins were sourced from reputable dealers and auction houses over some 25 years. Available exclusively on our website now, each coin comes with the collector’s label, along with any other previous tickets. (FortD)

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