Scotland Alexander III AD 1249-1286 Silver Penny, Roxburgh mint


Code: CM389C

Scotland Alexander III AD 1249-1286 Silver Penny, First coinage Type 3, Small head with neat crown / voided cross stars in angles, Roxburgh mint, Moneyer Andrew

S5043, 17x18mm, 1.39g


This coin comes with previous Labels

This coin comes from part three of the Fort collection, Early Scottish hammered coins. A carefully assembled comprehensive collection of the coins representing the establishment of the first native coinage for Scotland, spanning a turbulent time where battles, sieges and surrender were frequent. There are many great rarities here, seldom seen provincial mints and rarely encountered denominations, two John Baliol halfpennies struck at St Andrews to pinpoint just one example. Coins were sourced from reputable dealers and auction houses over some 25 years. Available exclusively on our website now, each coin comes with the collector’s label, along with any other previous tickets. (FortC)

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