Roman Republic F.Cornelius Sulla Silver Denarius 56BC


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Roman Republic F.Cornelius Sulla Silver Denarius 56BC
18mm, 3.68g

The obverse of this coin depicts the laureate and diademed bust of Venus right, with sceptre on shoulder; the reverse shows three military trophies between capis and lituus, with TAS in exergue.

Faustus Cornelius Sulla (78 BC-47 BC), known as Faustus, was a Roman senator, the eldest surviving son of the Roman dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and after his father’s death he was raised by his guardian, Lucullus.

Faustus was a member of one of the most ancient aristocratic families, the Cornelii. He married Pompeia Magna, daughter of the notable Pompey.
His career was cut short by the civil war between Pompey and Caesar. Faustus, as Lucullus’ ward, and Pompey’s son-in-law, sided with the former and was killed in a minor skirmish with Caesarian troops in 47 BC.

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