Pamphylia Aspendos Silver Stater 465-430BC


Code: BG548E

Pamphylia Aspendos Silver Stater 465-430BC
19x21mm, 10.87g

Pamphylia was an ancient region in the south of Asia Minor, between Lycia and Cilicia, extending from the Mediterranean Sea to Mount Taurus. It was bounded on the north by Pisidia, limiting the extent of the region with a coast-line of only about 120 km and a width of about 50 km. Under Roman administration Pamphylia was extended to include Pisidia up to the frontiers of Phrygia and Lycaonia. Within the region, Aspendos was an ancient Greco-Roman city situated in the Antalya province of modern south west Turkey.

The obverse of this coin depicts a naked warrior walking right, holding a sword, with shield on left arm, the reverse human legs in an incuse square.

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