Oliver Cromwell Silver Crown 1658AD


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Oliver Cromwell Silver Crown 1658AD

39mm, 30.09, S3226

An most attractive example of this important coinage, gunmetal grey toning with iridescence and lustre.

Oliver Cromwell, (d.1658), silver Crown, 1658, laureate and draped bust left, with die flaw at early to mid stage, legend and toothed border both sides, OLIVAR. D.G.R.P. ANG. SCO. HIB &c PRO, rev. crowned quartered shield of arms of the Protectorate, date above, PAX QVÆRITVR BELLO, edge inscribed in raised letters, *.HAS. NISI. PERITVRVS. MIHI. ADIMAT. NEMO. which translates as “Let no one remove these from me under penalty of death” (L&S 1; Bull 240; ESC 10; S.3226)

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