Northumbria Silver Sceatta Aldfrith 685-705AD


Code: HS376

Northumbria Silver Sceatta Aldfrith 685-705AD, ALDFRIDVS

S846, 11mm, 1.11g

A lovely example, well centred and well struck on both sides, unusual with this coinage.

Provenance will be provided.

Aldfrith (685-705) – Aldfrith was the first King of Northumbria to issue coins and also one of the earliest English rulers known to display his name on a coin itself. A well-educated churchman who became king on the death of his older brother Ecgfrith, under his rule Northumbria entered its so-called ‘golden age’. He was a direct contemporary of both Bede and Alcuin, both of whom write favourably about him.

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