Northumbria Eadberht AD 737-758 Silver Sceat ex T Abramson Collection


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Northumbria Eadberht AD 737-758

Silver Sceat

Small cross/ Stag to right, various ornaments

S847; 1.11g, 13mm

Comes with previous handwritten labels.

This coin was part of the famous Tony Abramson collection (ticket in his hand). Found by a metal detectorist ‘North of the Humber’, circa 2009

Eadberht (737-758) – another individual ruling during Northumbria’s ‘golden age’, Eadberht is notable for his reforms to the kingdom’s coinage – instituting a high-quality sceatta issue depicting the so-called ‘fantastic beast’ on its reverse. His coins are relatively common, this reflecting the high output during his reign that reflects a burgeoning economy. Energetically ruling for over two decades, he voluntarily abdicated in 758 and became a monk, dying peacefully in 768.

Kingdom of Northumbria

The end of the 7th Century sees the establishment of an advanced monetary system in Northumbria with Kings and Archbishops being named on silver sceats, also the introduction of a bronze coin called the Styca. The silver coins of this series vary in rarity and price, some kings who ruled for very short periods are extremely rare, other, more successful rulers produced far more coins.

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