Northumbria Archbishop Wulfhere 849-900AD Bronze Styca


Code: FS894

Northumbria Archbishop Wulfhere 849-900AD Bronze Styca, VVLFRED

S871, 13x14mm, 1.10g

Archbishop Wulfhere – the last Northumbrian Archbishop to strike coins, Wulfhere was present when the Great Heathen Army attacked York and effectively destroyed the kingdom, taking it over and dividing it amongst themselves. Acting initially as a peacemaker and mediator, he stayed in power until 872 – when rebellion against the Vikings forced him to flee to Mercia. However, he was able to return the next year.

This coin is a part of the ‘John Cross Collection’ of Anglo Saxon coins. John was an avid collector of coins from across the Anglo Saxon period for many years, he sadly passed away in 2020. His coins were recovered by executors who appear to have destroyed all paperwork relating to them meaning that there are no tickets or provenance prior to his collection. Tony Abramson has compiled an inventory of his early coins, a copy of which is available on request and individual numbers on the back of our tickets relate to this. The collection contains many rarities, seldom offered on the open market so this is a good opportunity for collectors to obtain rare coins which are usually unavailable.

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