Mesolithic 4000-2300BC Flint Axe Head (dark) – The Simon Camm Collection


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Mesolithic 4000-2300BC Flint Axe Head (dark) – The Simon Camm Collection

ex David Clarke Collection, found Suffolk. PAS CORN-DA306D

184x52x38mm, 365g

A large and attractive specimen.

‘Simon Camm’ is a name that many will have heard of as he was a well-known collector of British Neolithic & Bronze Age weapons with a keen eye for quality and rarity, seldom are such items found and even rarer made available to the private collector. After dispersing the bulk of his collection several years ago Simon kept the very best items that he’d been fortunate enough to acquire over his four decades of collecting until last year when he decided to pass these on to new custodians. We are delighted to be able to offer many amazing, high quality and rare artefacts for sale here. We know just how special these items are, many of which we’ve never seen, let alone handled. This represents a genuine ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to own these items. Most are well documented, many with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, details of which will be with each item. All come with Simons own catalogue entry detailing the item and its provenance.

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