Mary Gold Sovereign 1553-1554AD


Code: HT108

House of Tudor 1485-1603AD
Mary AV Sovereign
44mm, 15.26g
While this coin does have a crack (very common with the large gold hammered coins) the overall grade is exceptional, all of the detail being clear and well struck, most unusual for this denomination.

Mary was the first to strike the Sovereign, followed by many other monarchs right up to Elizabeth II. This is the largest gold coin from the English hammered series, a real centre piece to any collection or maybe the ealiest in a series of sovereigns.

Provenance is always important with the more expensive coins, this comes with two old coin labels, one from Seaby who sold this coin in 1960 & one from Spink & Son who sold the coin in the early 90’s. These will be included.

You will see Mary Sovereigns sold from time to time, generally with large London auction houses & for far more than we are asking for this coin, also as mentioned earlier most coins of this denomination have flat spots, this example doesn’t.

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