Magnentius Bronze Centenionalis 350-353AD Lyon


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Magnentius Bronze Centenionalis 350-353AD Lyon
22mm, 5.12g

Magnentius was a pagan of German descent who had achieved distinction as a soldier before becoming emperor. He subsequently arranged the murder of Constans, who was the sole ruler in the West from 340 to 350AD and assumed control of the western half of the Roman Empire. After defeating Nepotianus, who had declared himself emperor at Rome, also in 350AD. Although his coinage reflects his Christian beliefs, to win the support of the Roman Senate, still largely pagan, he revoked Constantine’s prohibition of nocturnal sacrifices to win favour with the Roman Senate. His chief adversary was Constantius II, ruler of the Eastern Empire. Magnentius failed to win recognition with Constantius II and allied himself with the commander of the Danubian troops, Vetranio, who had proclaimed himself emperor in March of 350AD. Vetranio was removed by Constantius II and in 351AD Magnentius was defeated at the Battle of Mursa (in Croatia), following which he invaded Italy, Magnentius falling back to Gaul and, to avoid capture, committing suicide.

Bold portrait and reverse details.

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