Kings of Wessex Aethelberht 858-865AD Silver Penny, Canterbury


Code: RS438

Kings of Wessex Aethelberht 858-865AD Silver Penny

Bust right/ Large voided cross. Canterbury mint. Moneyer. DEGBERHT

S1053, 20mm, 0.99g

A great portrait piece, dark surfaces and sharp detail.

Æthelberht (860-865) – The third son of Æthelwulf, much like his father, Æthelberht began his royal career as the sub-king of Kent under his brother Æthelbald. Numismatic evidence suggests that he enjoyed a great deal of independence – striking coins in his own name, which perhaps infers a more equal relationship with his older brother. Unlike his father and brothers, Æthelberht never appointed his own sub-kings – and during his rule Wessex was governed as a single entity for the first time in some thirty years.

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