Northumbria Eadberht Silver Sceat 737-758AD


Code: TS958

Northumbria Eadberht Silver Sceat 737-758AD

12x13mm, 1.02g, S847

Beast left, trefoil below, cross by tail.

This coin is from the Famous Abramson collection (with associated tickets).

Eadberht (737-758) – another individual ruling during Northumbria’s ‘golden age’, Eadberht is notable for his reforms to the kingdom’s coinage – instituting a high-quality sceatta issue depicting the so-called ‘fantastic beast’ on its reverse. His coins are relatively common, this reflecting the high output during his reign that reflects a burgeoning economy. Energetically ruling for over two decades, he voluntarily abdicated in 758 and became a monk, dying peacefully in 768.


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