Kings of Mercia Coenwulf 796-821AD Silver Penny Canterbury


Code: RS848

Kings of Mercia Coenwulf 796-821AD Silver Penny

Diademed bust right/ Pincer Cross type.

Canterbury mint.  Moneyer Deormod

S916, 20mm, 1.44g

A full coin struck in good metal with little wear, most pleasing in hand.

This coin comes with a previous label.

Coenwulf (796-821): A high ranking Mercian noble who took control after the unexpected death of the latter’s son, Coenwulf was an effective ruler who pursued an aggressive domestic policy against the kingdom’s enemies. This is most prominently visible against the rebellious vassal provinces of East Anglia and Kent, but also in several campaigns against the Welsh. A coin of Coenwulf currently holds the honour of being one of the most expensive English coins ever to have been sold at auction, the famous gold ‘mancus’ discovered in Bedfordshire and purchased by the British Museum in 2006 for the sum of £350,000.

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