Kings of Mercia Berhtwulf 840-852AD Silver Penny Extremely Rare


Code: KS676

Kings of Mercia Berhtwulf 840-852AD Silver Penny Portrait London mint.

S935, 20mm, 1.12g

Bust right/ Cross crosslet. Moneyer Sigeheah.

Extremely Rare, seldom offered for commerce. A pleasing exmaple on a full flan with clear detail. A few minor surface cracks but coin is stable.

Beorhtwulf (839/840-852): During Beorhtwulf’s rule (also known as Berhtwulf), England came under increasingly more attacks from Scandinavian raiders – attacks which would come to a head in 851, with the sacking of London that ‘put Beorhtwulf and his army to flight’ (according to the Anglo-Saxon chronicle). A continued subservience to Wessex is perhaps supported by the fact that during his reign, Mercia ceded yet more territory to the kingdom. However, in matters monetary Beorhtwulf was apparently allowed more freedoms than his predecessor Wiglaf – as he issued many more coins, perhaps with mind to stimulate economic regeneration. 

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