Kings Of Mercia Beornwulf AD 823-825 Silver Penny Group 2 Portrait London mint Extremely Rare


Code: CS134C

Kings Of Mercia Beornwulf AD 823-825 Silver Penny Group 2 Portrait type. Extremely Rare.

Bust right / Cross crosslet. London mint, Moneyer EAGCA

S929, 18mm, 1.29g. A central strike with no edge damage or cracks, great portrait and legends with just a little weakness. Pleasing tone.

Recorded with the EMC Database,

This coin is part of the Fort collection, a carefully assembled group of English Anglo-Saxon pennies collected for their historical importance and condition. Coins were sourced from reputable dealers and auction houses over some 25 years. Each one comes with the collector’s label, along with any other previous tickets and are sure to sell quickly given their overall high grade and rarity. FortA

Beornwulf (823-826): If Offa is best known for his success in making Mercia a strong kingdom, Beornwulf is perhaps famous for his success in destroying it. His rule marks the end of the ‘Mercian Supremacy’– suffering defeats by Wessex in c. 825 and East Anglian rebels in 826 (the second of which cost him his life). Following these catastrophes, the kingdom largely was subservient to Wessex and lost much territory. Though his coins are extremely rare, many examples have been brought to light in recent years through metal detecting.

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