Kings of Kent Cuthred Silver Penny 798-807AD


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Kings of Kent Cuthred Silver Penny 798-807AD
18mm, 1.28g

Cuthred was King of Kent from 798 to 807AD. Following the revolt of Kent, under Eadberht III Præn, he was defeated in 798 by Coenwulf marking the last time it was an independent kingdom, and Cuthred was established as a client king. In charters issued by Cœnwulf, King of Mercia, Cuthred is described as the brother of Coenwulf.

During his reign, the Archbishopric of Canterbury regained status over Lichfield and the first raids of Kent been said that Cuthred may have had two sons called Cyneberht and Coenwald.

Intact flan, showing clear details.

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