Kings of England Eadmund Silver Penny 939-946AD Clac, Norwich


Code: PS301

Kings of England Eadmund Silver Penny 939-946AD. Moneyer Clac, Norwich mint.

Crowned bust right, EADMVNDREX around / small cross, +CLACMONEIIONEIITX around.

21mm, 1.51g

An extraordinary example of this rare type, portraits of Eadmund are rare in any grade, especially so in this prime condition. Easily the finest of this type we’ve seen. A true pleasure to own an important coin and piece of England’s history.

This coin comes with an old collectors ticket (dated October 2013)

Eadmund, son of Edward the Elder and Eadgifu of Kent, was a younger half-brother of his predecessor Aethelstan. It was a reign of warfare, including Viking incursions into north east England. The kingdom of York was lost but control regained later in his reign. He was murdered in Gloucestershire and succeeded by his brother Eadred.

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