Kings of England Eadgar Silver Penny 959-975AD ex Tetney hoard Aethelaver


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Kings of England Eadgar Silver Penny 959-975AD  moneyer Aethelaver (scarce)

21mm, 1.02g

ex Tetney hoard, with the original ticket

Obverse – EADGAR REX around small cross, pellets either side of ‘A’ and triad of pellets after ‘REX’

Reverse – ADELAVER MO in two lines with triad of pellets above and below, three crosses between.

Wonderful metal and dark tone, typical of an old hoard coin. A scarce moneyer, the first time we have seen this name.

The Tetney hoard deposited c. A.D. 963 was discovered near the village of Tetney in North East Lincolnshire in May 1945. It consisted of 394 pennies of Eadred, Eadwig, Eadgar and the Viking Kingdom of York contained in a chalk container. Textile fragments (adhering to a few coins) and two silver hooks indicate that the hoard was also buried inside a cloth bag or purse. The hoard was examined and recorded by the British Museum, who retained a number of coins, the rest being made available to collectors.

Walker, John. ‘A hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins from Tetney, Lincolnshire’. Numismatic Chronicle, 6th ser., 5:3-4 (1947 for 1945), 81-95. Publisher: Royal Numismatic Society.

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