Amazing Zoomorphic Iron Age Woad Grinder Set


Code: TA919

Amazing Zoomorphic Iron Age Woad Grinder Set  depicting a wonderful 3D bull’s head with blue glass eyes.

A rare opportunity to own a truly special Iron Age artefact set.

Cosmetic sets similar to this were common place in Iron Age Britain but very rarely did they come as large & ornate as this example, likely to have belonged to a tribal chieftain or similar figure of high status.

They were used like a pestle and mortar to grind down herbs, medicines and pigments, if you’ve seen the film ‘Braveheart’ then the blue ‘war paint’ dorbed across the faces of the Celtic warriors would have been made in something like this!  The Celts are well known for their potions and lotions made with all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients, I’ll let your imagination take it from here…

Bottom piece with bulls head (mortar) – 95x30mm, 54.11g

Top piece (pestle) – 64x26mm,  14.90g

Provenance will be provided.

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