Honorius Gold Solidus 393-423AD Constantinople mint


Code: TR299

Honorius Gold Solidus 393-423AD

Constantinopolis helmeted seated facing head right on throne of arms.

Sear 20899.  20mm, 4.44g  Constantinople mint.

Attractive portrait, excellent details overall with clear legends, some lustre remaining.

Honorius was Western Roman Emperor, while his brother Arcadius was Eastern Emperor from 395AD. The reign was troubled by ongoing barbarian hostilities in Gaul, Italia and Hispania. He based his capital in Ravenna from 401AD and in 410AD Rome was sacked for the first time in over 800 years, by Visigoths. He famously ordered the withdrawal of Roman troops from Britain in 408AD, prompting Britain to plunge in to the Dark Ages.


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