Harthacnut Silver Penny 1035-1042AD Winchester Extremely Rare


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Harthacnut Silver Penny 1035-1042AD Winchester, extremely rare.

28mm, 1.18g, well struck and of good silver, a most pleasing example of this rare regency issue.

Coins bearing the name of Harthacnut are extremely rare, many struck during his reign bear the name of his father, Cnut.

The Jewel Cross type, of which this coin is an example, was struck in his early period (during regency) from 1035-1037AD. The obverse bears the legend ‘HARDA CNVTREX’ and the reverse +GODPINE ON.PINC.: denoting that this was a coin struck by the moneyer Godwine at the Winchester mint.

Harthacnut was Cnut’s only legitimate son, but whilst he ruled as king in Denmark, Cnuts illegitimate son Harold Harefoot secured the English kingdom as regent. This was endorsed by his half-brother Harthacnut, who later peacefully reclaimed England following Harold’s death. Harthacnut was the last Scandinavian to rule England.

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