Harthacnut 1040-1042AD Silver Penny Leofwine, Norwich


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Harthacnut 1040-1042AD Silver Penny Leofwine, Norwich

Struck in the name of Cnut.

S1169, 19mm, 1.14g

A wonderful coin, high grade, good metal and pleasing old collection tone.


Harthacnut was Cnut’s son by Æthelred II’s widowed queen – Emma of Normandy. As such, he enjoyed premier status as a ‘proper’ prince, both of his parents being duly classed as royalty. Unable to travel to England on the death of Cnut due to uprisings in Scandinavia that required his attention, Harthacnut was forced to accept the rule of his lower-born brother over England as he sought to stabilise the situation. Although initially planning to invade in 1039, his half-brother’s premature death resulted in a relatively peaceful transfer of power. However, Harthacnut exacted his vengeance by having Harold’s body dug up and scattered. His rule was short but nonetheless bloody – characterised by high taxation and friction in the upper echelons of his government. A man who often ate and drank to excess, it is perhaps no surprise that Harthacnut died young at a wedding party, drink in hand!

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