Harold II 1066AD Silver Penny PAX Type Winchester, Anderbode


Code: HS686

Harold II 1066AD Silver Penny PAX Type. Struck at the Winchester mint by the moneyer Anderbode.

S1186, 20mm, 1.28g

Diademed bust left with sceptre./ PAX across field. Winchester mint. Anderbode.

A rare opportunity to acquire a good coin of this popular monarch. Obverse slightly double struck, even dark tone with some iridescence and most attractive in hand.

1066AD was a turbulent year for England; with the death of the popular monarch Edward The Confessor there followed a power grab by Harold Godwinson lasting 10 months before being ended by William Duke of Normandy at the battle of Hastings where Harold is reportedly killed by an arrow to the eye. The story is told in great detail in the Bayeux tapestry but by which side, the English or the French? William Duke of Normandy became William The Conqueror and initiated a number of administrative reforms including the compilation of the Doomsday Book in 1086AD.

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