Elizabeth I AD 1558-1603 Gold Pound, 7th issue mintmark 2 – Rare


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Elizabeth I AD 1558-1603 Gold Pound, 7th issue, mintmark 2

Crowned bust left / Crowned shield

S2539, 38mm, 11.03g

A rare Tudor gold coin in most pleasing condition, seldom are mintmark 2 pounds offered to commerce.

Obverse – Crowned bust in ruff and elaborate dress left, Latin legend, ELIZABETH; D; G; ANG; FRA; ET. HI; REGINA. Mintmark 2

Reverse – crowned quartered shield, E to left, R to right, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, double pellet stops, SCVTVM. FIDEI. PROTEGET. EAM. Mintmark 2.

A majestic specimen of this iconic Elizabethan issue. The majority of the coins produced under this Queen were silver rather than gold (although several different gold denominations were issued) and are often somewhat uninspiring; this may be as Elizabeth’s three Mint Masters were all goldsmiths. Accordingly, it is clear that their true talent, their finest engraving work and portraits of the Queen were employed on her gold coinage. Whereas the largest gold denomination produced for Elizabeth was her Sovereign of 30 Shillings, a type showing the Queen enthroned, the largest and arguably the finest portrait of Elizabeth is seen on her gold Pound coinage. A Tudor masterpiece, her garments masterfully performed, her pose noble and the overall quality exceptional; this was a coin designed to impress the wealthy in both England and abroad and one which speaks of enormous pride in the Queen.

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